Cat Litter Wicker Rattan Bed

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Cat Litter Wicker Rattan Bed

  • $15.00

Product Material: Green and environmental protection, natural materials, selected from natural willow woven. High quality wicker, good breathability, the bed is well ventilated, healthy and environmentally friendly, can effectively prevent bacteria from breeding and produce musty.

Workmanship Technology: Each product is hand-woven, exquisite traditional technology, to ensure the durability and firmness of the product, and the shape is more beautiful. It is recommended to choose the appropriate size based on the length of the pet. According to the pet sleeping posture, the tailor-made pet bed helps the pet to develop healthily. It is universal in all seasons, breathable in summer, warm in winter and not sticky. Cool,comfortable sleep, summer vine mat mat, rattan nest smooth, no burr, no skin, use as new, waterproof, easy care, rattan cat litter, pressure resistance, deformation, durability, high toughness, no Moldy, no insects, relax muscles, relieve stress, absorb moisture, not mildew, prevent mites, germs, good ventilation. 

Size: 7 x 35cm

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